I am


Experienced PHP developer, specializing in Zend Framework solutions. I've worked using PHP for over 10 years and during that time I've worked together with many professionals to achieve the best software quality.

As every experienced developer I'm working with my own set of tools but of course I'm open to using your solutions if we decide to cooperate.


Over all these years I worked with many popular companies, created my own solutions and optimized bad solution into correct, working ones. Here you can read about some of them.

  • Asseco Group

    Group of companies working mainly for polish goverment.

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  • Avalton

    Telecommunication software for companies located in north america.

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  • Kamerkowo

    Erotic video chat software. High traffic solution.

  • Jigfun

    Website jigsaw game software. Social media and multiplayer.

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  • AiSolaris

    Solution for solarium managament. Low level programming skills used here.

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  • phpBB

    Open source bulletin board software. I was responsible for support.

My first contact with PHP was in year 2000. In 2002 I wrote my first portal focused on my home city. After many years of writing my own solutions i started using Zend Framework (in 2010) as it made my code easier to understand for other developers in the team.


Kamil Szarmach

PHP, C, Objective-C

Born in 1983, computer maniac from 1990, programmer from 1994. I always knew that my way to buy a Porsche will be by millions lines of code.
Currently, i still have no Porsche but I have written a lot of code already. And i still love it. I'm specialized in optimization of Zend Framework solutions so it works faster for more end-users. I know SQL language and some of it implementations. Last year I spent with Oracle databases. At the same time i was responsible for making telecommunication software secure and automatizing fraud detection.
I have knowledge in project management, leading a team of developers and translating human language into programmers language.
From time to time i'm writing some mobile focused software with PHP on server side and Objective-C/Java for native mobile solution.

i specialize in:

Web software


Mobile software

Web services

Zend Framework


I've never liked writing about myself on the internet, but i like to share knowledge in person. Because of thet i decided to start a blog focused on solutions i use, some case-studies and with my own presentations i show during php meetings.


  • 15.12.2014

How to use Zend Framework effective for high traffic solutions.

This is not php solution. This is som summary of my experience with securing software.


  • @arturs

    Thanks for nice cooperation, work you did for us was clean and quick. We will call you when we get something else to optimize.

  • @jarekk

    Very good knowledge in programming. Also nice support and communication. Clearly a lot of experience with creating erotic chat software.

  • @johnd

    I can only advice to make documentation with Kamil from beginning as he ca see some holes earlier and he know what is possible to do instantly or need a lot of time to develop.



Your Goal


First we will meet to discuss about project you want to order. I need clear view of this one. For this you need to know what is your goal and what software should do exactly.

After meeting i will prepare some prototype and draft of documentation. When we both agree to continue i need to write use cases documentation with you so software i made in next step will do exactly that thing you need.



You can watch


Every milestone you will get working version of some part of your product. You can test it, check it and call me if anything is wrong.

  • You know how well project is going

  • You can show product to investors before it's ready to publish

  • You know for aht are you paying for



Product lives


Every time product is going live with success you will get some feedback from users who wants some changes. With me you can be sure i will continue cooperation for at least 2 years.

You also have warranty that software is working as designed because during development stage you controlled it. If anything weird will happen - i will fix it in 48 hours tops.



Broken software


In some cases you got software from another developer who didn't keep track on yours expectations. It began working but after some time you decided that you need changes. I can help you with this problem.

After discussion about your needs i'll check current version software and prepare report what we need to change. If you decide to write it from scratch i can migrate your current database into new solution.


If you want to cooperate with me please write an email.


If you want to hire me as employee please write an email to another address. Please do not send me massive mailings or offers for junior developers.


+48 792 906 181